Liu, H., Behroozmand, R., Larson, C.R.
Enhanced neural responses to self-triggered voice pitch feedback perturbations
NeuroReport, 21 (7), 527 – 531, 2010

The present study investigated the effect of self-triggered voice fundamental frequency (F0) feedback perturbation on auditory event-related potentials (ERPs) during vocalization and listening. Auditory ERPs were examined in response to self- and computer-triggered -200 cents pitch-shift stimuli while subjects vocalized or listened to the playback of their self-vocalizations. The stimuli were either presented with a delay between 500-1000 ms after subjects pressed a button or delivered by a computer with an inter-stimulus interval between 500-1000 ms. Results showed that self-triggered stimuli elicited larger ERPs compared with computer-triggered stimuli during both vocalization and listening conditions. These findings suggest that self-triggered perturbation of self-vocalization auditory feedback may enhance auditory responses to voice feedback pitch perturbation during vocalization and listening.